Directory of Parishes 

All Saintsí with St. Anneís:

The Rev. Clarence Joseph, B.A.

All Saintsí Rectory

P.O. Box 1023, St. Johnís

Tel: (268) 460-1095

Fax: (268) 460-5999 

St. Georgeís with St. Markís and St. Francis:

The Rev. John Rohim, B.A.

St. Georgeís Rectory

Fitches Creek

P.O. Box 177, St. Johnís

Tel: (268) 461-3154  

  The Cathedral of St. John the Divine with St. Andrewís and St. Jamesí, Good Shepherd, Bethel & St. Anthonyís:

  The Very Rev. Rudolph Smithen  L.Th, B.Th.,M.A.

The Deanery  

P.O. Box 71, St. Johnís

Tel: (268) 462-0802

Fax: (268) 462-5402


The Rev. Terrence Rawlins, B.A.

Carnival Gardens

St. Johnís

Tel: (268) 560-8898


The Rev. Spencer Skerritt

Fort Road

St. Johnís.

Tel; (268) 560-3294


The Rev. Judith Archibald

Fort Road

St. Johnís

Tel:(268) 461-0805


The Rev. George Quinland

Bendals Road


Tel: (268) 460-6011  

St. Lukeís with St. Boniface, St. Lucy:

The Rev. Mrs. Selina Joseph

All Saints Road

P.O. Box 1359

St. Johnís

Tel: (268) 461-1742

St. Maryís with St. Josephís and our Lady of the Valley:

The Rev. Dwane Cassius, B.A.

St. Maryís Rectory


Tel: (268) 560-4011

Fax: (268) 462-8129

St. Paulís with St. Barnabas:


St. Paulís Rectory

P.O. Box 1153, St. Johnís, Antigua

Tel: (268) 460-1089

  St. Peterís:

The Rev. Canon Bernard Hodge, O.M.

Cassada Gardens, St. Johnís

Tel: (268) 462-2047

St. Philipís:

The Rev. Canon Emerson Richardson

St. Philipís Rectory

P.O. Box 1343, St. Johnís

Tel: (268) 460-4102

St. Stephenís with St. Bartholomewís:

The Rev. Elroy Zakers, B.A.,

St. Stephenís Rectory

P.O. Box 499


Tel: (268) 461-4601 (H) (268)  462-2034 (O)